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  • Sony XDR-F1HD Tuner Review - The best FM tuner! Great sensitivity and selectivity. Only $90 and beats tuners that cost $500-$1000. It does HD radio, but is even better as a non-HD radio. I own one. (Update: now selling for around $300 and only available used. Still a great receiver, but they need to do another production run.) K6sti has great information on other tuners, modifications, and FM antenna modeling.

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    If you live in a city and are serious about radio then for AM or shortwave you probably want to get a loop antenna from either Wellbrook or Pixel Pro. Both of their antennas are less sensitive to local electronic noise sources and you can experience up to db noise reduction. Noise is a huge problem in cities. Plasma tvs and switching power supplies are the worst noise source (for AM and shortwave).
    Wellbrook 1530S+ (for shortwave)
    Wellbrook 1530 (extra sensitivity for AM and longwave)
    Pixel Pro 1B

    For AM, a good cheap antenna is to make your own loop. A basic design is to make a square (or circular frame) of 4 feet. Then make 5-10 loops of wire around it. This website has extensive information on making an AM loop, but you can also see much shorter instructions on Youtube and other places. For a more serious antenna, you can use a longwire (100+ feet), a beverage antenna (1000+ feet), a large loop, or a pennant antenna (like a KAZ or Double KAZ).

    For FM, the best antenna is either a dipole or directional Yagi (ideally on a rotor). Height is very important.

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